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Source of Bird
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Date Acquired

Wild Caught or Domestic Bred?

Has the bird been quarantined? If so please describe (Commercial, Private, length of time)

Was the bird isolated prior to introduction to present location? If so, please describe (length of isolation, other birds in isolation area, any bird deaths during isolation period)

Present Environment
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Are there any other birds in the home/aviary?

Are any other birds sick? If so have any died? Please describe

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What is used on the bottom of the cage?

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Please describe the frequency and method of cleaning food/water dishes

How many hours of darkness does the bird have each day?

Describe diet. (Food type; pelleted, seed, table food, combination, brand, ect)

Describe the amount of food offered and eaten each day

How is water offered? (Cup, tube)

Any recently added foods or dietary changes?

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Please describe any vaccines the bird has been given and date given:

Has the brid been seen by another veterinarian? If so please describe when and why

Is the bird currently on or ever been on medication? If so please describe

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